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Athropod Antics' mission statement is simple: Make the ants the star of the show. We believe that the biggest benefit to keeping ants in artifical formicaria is being able to closely observe their behaviors within the nest, watch their growth, and enjoy the inner workings of the colony. With that in mind, our formicaria are designed for two purposes: achieve the maximum visibility while still functioning as a high quality formicarium.


Arthropod Antics is a company dedicated to providing economical and high-quality products to antkeepers all across the country. We hope to spread the joy of antkeeping to everyone, no matter the experience level. Having experience with over 170 species of ants in captivity, we design our nests with the purpose of being suitable for the widest variety of ants as possible, while offering the best possible visibility of those species. What's the point of keeping ants if you can't even see them? With Arthropod Antics nests, that will no longer be a problem.

At Arthropod Antics we take pride in our craft, and each one of our hand-made products is tested to ensure that they function as intended and provide the desired experience when used. We also take care to properly identify all of our ants as precisely as possible, and only sell queens that are guaranteed to be fertile and healthy. Whether purchasing ants, formicaria, or both, you can be sure that you're getting the best quality possible.


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