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Arthropod Antics is Back!

Arthropod Antics is back!
There are a few changes to the way things run around here, all of which are designed to make the user experience even better than before.
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Arthropod Antics' mission statement is simple: Make the ants the star of the show. We believe that the biggest benefit to keeping ants in artifical formicaria is being able to closely observe their behaviors within the nest, watch their growth, and enjoy the inner workings of the colony. With that in mind, our formicaria are designed for two purposes: achieve the maximum visibility while still functioning as a high quality formicarium.


My name is Tyler - I've kept ants for over 6 years, and in that time have kept well over 200 different species. I am a student at Arizona State University, and work in the Social Insect Research Group as an ant caretaker, where I am responsible for the care of dozens of ant colonies of different species. I have traveled across the country and the world to observe as many ant species as possible. All of this experience has led me to develop Arthropod Antics - an ant supply company aimed at giving the community the best experience with antkeeping possible. Our nests are easy to use, and provide users with the best possible environments for their ants. With products adapted to be suitable for as many species as possible, Arthropod Antics is certain to have a product perfect for all of your ant colonies.

At Arthropod Antics, certain traits are fine-tuned in our nests to allow antkeepers to keep as many healthy colonies as they want without breaking the bank. Our nests are compact, affordable, and provide ideal conditions for nearly any ant species you can think of. With Arthropod Antics formicaria, your ants will thrive, and your wallet will too.

If you want to get to know me even better, I run a YouTube channel where I make videos showcasing all of the amazing wildlife I've seen, the amazing places I've visited, and more! Check it out at the bottom of this page.

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