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Arthropod Antics Site Updates

Here is where you will find all of the recent updates to and our lineup of products!

Arthropod Antics will be on summer hiatus from June 18 to July 7th 2022.

Orders may be placed during this timeframe, however be aware that any orders placed within that timeframe will not be fulfilled until after the end date of July 7th.


- 6/17/22

Custom Formicaria now available!

Now featuring one-of-a-kind formicaria with unique designs!
Orders containing only custom formicaria and supplies will be shipped out during the Arthropod Antics summer hiatus.

Code available until 5/31/22. Applies to subtotal only.

- 5/13/22

Red Sand is now available as a customization option on all formicaria & outworlds!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Arthropod Antics, use code "Anniversary25" at checkout for 25% off any order over $30!


- 5/10/22

Reviews are here! Head to the bottom of any product page to leave your feedback on the nests you've purchased!

- 5/3/22

Acromyrmex versicolor Food Mix - Spring Variety is now in stock!


- 4/19/22

Ant Den all-in-one formicarium has been released! 

The Ant Den features our bestselling Formisquarium seated inside a spacious outworld.

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