Acromyrmex versicolor Food Mix

Acromyrmex versicolor Food Mix

A collection of local plants and other food, sun-dried for use with Acromyrmex versicolor. This mix is designed to provide ample food for founding queens and smaller colonies of Acromyrmex versicolor. This mix has been tested for over a year to ensure each component is an optimal food item for Acromyrmex versicolor. 

When using this mixture with founding queens, it is recommended to rotate components with each feeding, rather than using the same item repeatedly. When using with an outworld, a portion of the mix can be offered, and the ants will slowly take in pieces as needed. Being dried, the plants will last for several weeks to months in a dry environment, allowing ants to slowly accept small pieces as needed.

  • Mix Components

    Texas Sage Flowers & Leaves
    Yellow & Red Peacock Flowers
    Mesquite Leaves
    Steel-Cut Oats