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Natural Formisquarium

Natural Formisquarium

The Natural Formisquarium from Arthropod Antics intends to mimic a natural ant nest, possibly something you would expect to find underneath a large stone. This nest incorporates all of the functionality you would expect from an Arthropod Antics formicarium, including excellent visibility and hydration. 

  • Species Suitability

    This nest is ideal for the vast majority of ants, although for fungus growing ants, a standard Formisquarium is generally recommended. The walls of this nest may offer room for Myrmecocystus repletes to hang, however a Vertical Formisquarium is generally recommended for species with hanging repletes.

    This nest has shown to be particularly effective for raising large Ponerine species, such as Odontomachus, Neoponera, Pachycondyla, etc, and is strongly recommended for use with those over a standard Formisquarium.

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