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Scolopendra polymorpha - Aqua Variant

Scolopendra polymorpha - Aqua Variant

This stunning blue centipede is a color variant of the typical Desert Tiger Scolopendra polymorpha that is typically found near water sources. These centipedes tend to be very skiddish, so a good layer of substrate for burrowing and several hides will be much appreciated by them.

  • Maximum Size

    4.5-5.5 Inches

  • Venom Potency

    Mild; Envenomation will result in some swelling and pain similar to a bee sting.

  • Diet

    General feeder insects, with superworms being a strong recommendation. Prekilled insects are recommended, as these centipedes are quite skiddish and may not prefer to actively hunt. Other foods such as fruits may be offered to give your pede a treat, but are not strictly necessary.

  • Handleability

    Average. This morph, like the Desert Tiger variant, is quite docile, and is quite unlikely to bite. That said, they tend to be far more skiddish, and have a tendency to bolt up the arms or even fling themselves out of the hands of the handler. If you decide to handle these, avoid wearing loose clothing, keep both hands free, and handle in a clutter-free area.

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