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Scolopendra polymorpha "High Elevation"

Scolopendra polymorpha "High Elevation"

This morph of Scolopendra polymorpha is found primarily in mountainous regions of Arizona at high elevations. They get much larger than the lower elevation Desert Tiger morph, easily reaching 6 inches, a similar size to the Madrean Tiger morph. This morph is quite similar to the Madrean Tiger S. polymorpha, however they typically have darker banding, more vibrant coloration, and thinner terminal legs.

  • Maximum Size

    5.5-6.5 Inches

  • Venom Potency

    Mild+; A bit stronger than the smaller S. polymorpha variants, with a bite resulting in swelling and pain similar to a wasp sting. 

  • Diet

    General feeder insects, with superworms being a strong recommendation. Prekilled insects will be accepted. Other foods such as fruits may be offered to give your pede a treat, but are not strictly necessary.

  • Handleability

    Average. These centipedes can be quite moody, and may bite if the handler disturbs them too much. That said, they are also typically quite calm in the hands, so handling carefully is definitely possible. 

    Note: As with any centipede they have the ability to dash quite quickly, so be careful and have both hands free in case the pede attempts to run up your arm. Note that handling will always bring a chance of envenomation and/or losing the centipede, so be very careful if choosing to do so.

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