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Scolopendra polymorpha - "Madrean" Variant

Scolopendra polymorpha - "Madrean" Variant

This variant of Scolopendra polymorpha is found in the Madrean Region of Arizona, and is the largest centipede currently sold by Arthropod Antics. These individuals share similarities to the Desert Tiger variant, however have much stronger banding between the segments, grow to a much larger size, and have slightly different coloration. They are enthusiastic burrowers, so a setup with a thick layer of substrate and a small hide is recommended for them.

  • Maximum Size

    5.5-6.5 Inches

  • Venom Potency

    Mild+; A bit stronger than the smaller S. polymorpha variants, with a bite resulting in swelling and pain similar to a wasp sting. 

  • Diet

    General feeder insects, with superworms being a strong recommendation. Prekilled insects will be accepted. Other foods such as fruits may be offered to give your pede a treat, but are not strictly necessary.

  • Handleability

    Not Recommended. These centipedes have a tendency to bite when provoked, and are generally moody and difficult to handle. They may dart up arms and get out of control, and are ready to bite for even mild disturbances.

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