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Scolopendra viridis - Arizona Mountain Variant

Scolopendra viridis - Arizona Mountain Variant

This centipede, commonly known as the Florida Blue Centipede, is a unique variant found in the low mountains of Arizona. It has a gray-green coloration with little distinct banding between their segments, giving them a unique look. These centipedes are enthusiastic burrowers, so a setup with a thick layer of substrate and a small hide is recommended for them. They are voracious hunters, so feeding small, live prey can give an interesting reaction.

  • Maximum Size

    4 Inches

  • Venom Potency

    Strong; Envenomation will result in sharp pains lasting a few hours, with moderate swelling at the site of envenomation.

  • Diet

    General feeder insects, with superworms being a strong recommendation. Prekilled insects will be accepted. Other foods such as fruits may be offered to give your pede a treat, but are not strictly necessary.

  • Handleability

    Poor. These centipedes are extremely fiesty, and may bite even when completely unprovoked while being handled. While the bite is not dangerous, handling carries a very high risk of envenomation, and is generally not recommended.

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