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Our policy at Arthropod Antics revolves around giving the customer a smooth experience throughout the process of purchasing and owning any Arthropod Antics products.

If formicaria arrive damaged from shipping, we will send a replacement, or if possible replacement parts if only one component is damaged. Accidental damage after shipping is not covered and will not be viable for a free replacement.

Our formicaria are strictly not for resale. Our formicaria are only to be distributed via this website and any other authorized distributors. 

Our products and pricing are subject to change at any time. Sale prices are only valid during the specified dates of the sale.

Shipping prices given via the shipping calculator are approximate, and it is possible for a customer to be slightly overcharged or undercharged for shipping. In these cases, Arthropod Antics will not change the total for the customer by either reimbursement or requesting additional funds for shipping. The total price displayed at checkout is the final price for any given order.

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