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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Arthropod Antics nests work?

A: Our nests function as one large chamber for your ant colony to inhabit. Functioning without chambers may seem counterintuitive, as natural ant nests contain many chambers, however chambers in wild ant nests are mostly structural, and have little necessity in artificial nests. By removing chambers, our nests offer far more usable space for your colonies inside relatively small setups.

Q: How do I hydrate my Formisquarium?

A: Our hydration system works by injecting water into a chamber in the bottom of the nests. The nest material will slowly absorb water, humidifying the chamber. Water can be added with a syringe, which you can find on our supplies page. A fully hydrated nest will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks without needing water, however it will take longer to re-hydrate a fully dry nest, so we recommend adding water via the hydration chamber every 3-7 days.

Q: What size of tubing do Arthropod Antics nests use?

All of our nests and outworlds use the same sized port, which is designed to fit vinyl tubing with an outer diameter of  7-16ths of an inch. A short length of tubing is included with each nest.

Q: Is there any discount to be applied on large orders?

Yes! Orders of over $125 will receive free shipping.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

Please contact us directly for international shipping. Unfortunately international shipping rates are not consistent, and need to be calculated on a case-by-case basis (for now).

Q: Are there any guarantees for products damaged in shipping?

Yes. We do our very best to package our products for the road, but shipping damage will inevitably happen to an unlucky few. If a product is seriously damaged in shipping, we will send either replacement parts or a new product, depending on the severity of the damage. (I.E. a cracked viewing lid can be replaced without sending an entirely new nest.)

Q: Which species can I put in Formisquariums?

Our nests are designed with the intention of being suitable for the widest variety of species possible. Our horizontal series is suitable for almost any ant, including fungus growers. The main exception to this are honeypot ants, in which the repletes need a surface to hang from. This is where our Vertical Formisquariums come in, being designed specifically for honeypot ants. Vertical Formisquariums are also suitable for a wide range of ants, and are mostly recommended for larger species such as Camponotus, Formica, Novomessor, etc. They are not suitable for fungus growers.

Q: Do you take returns?

No. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns, however if a product is defective or otherwise unsatisfactory we may be able to reimburse the cost of the nest in certain circumstances.

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