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Ant Den All-In-One Formicarium

Ant Den All-In-One Formicarium

The Ant Den by Arthropod Antics is an all-in-one nest design, with the nesting and foraging space included in one package. This nest is by far the most customizable in the Arthropod Antics lineup, and can be customized with natural, white, or red sand, with the option between a standard and Natural Formisquarium nest. The foraging area comes with our standard decor (small rock and fake plant decor) and a single mesh hole for ventilation. The setup also has one hole and a short length of tubing for attaching this setup to additional Arthropod Antics setups, for when you eventually need to ugprade the space for your colony.

The nest is hydrated via a piece of vinyl tubing in the back. Water is injected into the tube, hydrating the nest. The small hydration tube ensures that only the nest is hydrated, and no water leaks into the outworld. This will help prevent your ants from trying to nest in the outworld.

NOTE: Heating this formicarium may be problematic, and when heated from below will cause the nest to heavily condensate. This is not dangerous to the ants, however it will harshly restrict the visibility inside the nest. Therefore, it is recommended to use this setup with ants that do not require heating, such as temperate species or fungus growers such as Acromyrmex or Trachymyrmex. For species that strongly benefit from additional heating, consider using an Arthropod Antics nest with an external outworld.

The outworld is 6 inches in diameter and 2.5" tall (15 x 6.35cm), and the nest is 2-7/8" x 2-7/8" (7.3 x 7.3cm).

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