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Vertical Formisquarium

Vertical Formisquarium

A vertical nest designed with rocky outcrops that allow for brood to be placed across the nest, and for workers to hang underneath. The Vertical Formisquarium is a nest designed for large ants, with an express design to suit Myrmecocystus species and the hanging of their replete workers. Other large species will also be able to efficiently use the space, and some species such as Novomessor spp., will often hang upside-down and carry batches of eggs and small larvae in their mandibles. Sand coating is standard with this nest, as it allows ants to better grip the back wall, as well as providing substrate to assist Myrmecocystus in spinning their cocoons.

  • Hydration System

    This nest is outfitted with the hydration system that is standardized across all of our nests. A chamber with two hydration ports located on the top of the nest can be easily filled with a syringe or pipette, allowing water to soak across the entire nest.

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